Beta Requirements

Beta Accounts are currently available to the general public. However, you will need to be aware of the requirements and understand that many features may be missing or have issues during Beta access. This is a pre-release with known and unknown bugs and missing features that allow you to test out the services before official product launch. We do not recommend using our services in Production while we are still in Beta.

In order to improve our services we ask that all Beta accounts be willing to communicate with our support team as they will reach out to you with general inquiries or surveys. We also have a Support Ticket system in place and ask that you try and use it as much as possible.

By signing up you acknowledge the requirements and agree to use our services at your own risk. We offer no warrantee, refunds, or compensation of any lost or corrupt data, lost business funds, or any other damages to your business. We also reserve the right to disable or delete your Beta account and its data at any time for any reason.

Beta Accounts are limited so not everyone will be approved. At this time all approved Beta accounts will receive one small server for free to allow them to test our services. You can add and manage as many Apps, Databases, and other components on that server as long as that server still has available resource. If you have further questions or concerns then you can reach out to us on our Contact page.

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