From websites, web apps, web based scripts and everything in between. We will provide the support you need for PHP, Python, and Node. Get unlimited app creations within your servers requirements. Seamlessly connect your Git repository within GitShack and then we take care of the rest.


Full backups for all servers are done weekly and include all files and databases attached to them. All backups are held for 4 weeks before they are removed. Backups can be restored to a newly created server giving you full access to the files and data that you need.

Branch Support

No more dealing with merge conflicts when needing to showcase a specific feature, instead let your clients view all the branches conveniently with a live view. Each branch will get a dedicated domain so you can review for yourself or your clients. When you connect your apps to a Git repository you can specify which branches you would like to deploy and sync with your Git pushes.


There's nothing to it, create and manage multiple databases on your server. Choose from MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. All databases are secured with socket layer connection and remote access disabled. Databases are attached to your servers so you can create endless databases with unlimited size within the requirements of your server.


Protect your servers by securing them with a firewall and manage incoming and outgoing traffic. Easily edit a single firewall and all linked servers will update automatically.


Don't break a sweat creating and launching your own virtual machines. We make it painless to start up your servers from various regions and sizes to fit your needs. Easily manage all of your servers in one convenient location viewing things like statistics, online status and available resources.


Easily created and manages sftp accounts and link them to your applications to easily manage files remotely.

SSL Support

Save money with free SSL's through Let's Encrypt and easily add them to any application. SSL's are automatically updated so no more worrying about missing an update.

Deployment Logs

Easily review all logs and actions that happen on your servers from creating databases to deploying application code. Quickly review errors that happen so you can take immediate action.

Deploy Keys

Simply create and manage deploy keys allowing access to your Git repositories when using private access. Create a Deploy Key for each application or manage all applications with one Deploy Key.


Add multiple users to your account while controlling access to their specific needs.

Supported Software





Web Servers



Pricing is based on the Servers you use and the bandwidth used per account. We charge a monthly fee for the hours used per Server. It includes a monthly bandwidth allowance. Excess data transfer is billed at $0.01/GiB. For example, the cost of 1,000 GiB of overage is $10. Inbound bandwidth is always free. All other features and services are inluded in that monthly fee.

Tier vCPUs Memory SSD Transfer Hourly Monthly
t1 1 1GB 25GB 1TB $0.025 $19
t2 1 2GB 50GB 2TB $0.038 $29
t3 2 2GB 60GB 3TB $0.065 $49
t4 2 4GB 80GB 4TB $0.092 $69
t5 4 8GB 160GB 5TB $0.133 $99
t6 8 16GB 320GB 6TB $0.24 $179